How To Find Work as a Freelance Writer: Job Types

How to find work as a freelance writer

Finding work for the new freelance writer can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are many content mills online. Textbroker and Trello are two of the better-known sites. The writer can go on those sites and pick a topic that he is interested in writing. These sites will also grade your article, which will help improve your work. These two will pay you for your work. The income is not large,  but the writer is.

Blog Share

Another way to find work for the new freelance writer is by offering to do a blog share. By that, it simply means that you will create a blog post for another business. You will write the information and also handle the artwork. You will attach it to your blog. Of course, you will charge a fee for this service. Through your social media sites, make it known that you can handle writing blogs and managing their blog posts for a reasonable fee. There are many companies that do not have the time nor talent to handle a blog day in and day out, so you have a real job opportunity.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are another possibility for a freelance writer. Contact businesses like Amazon, Ebay, etc. may want to have you write reviews of various products. You can also contact the products themselves and ask for product reviews. It is very important to advertise your capabilities.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to have work as a freelance writer.  You can become a marketer for various products, and if the product sells because of information on your blog, you will be paid.

These are not huge payouts but every penny counts.

Business cards and flyers

Business cards are a must. Hand out cards where ever you go. Leave them in the restroom at any restaurant, movie theater and so forth. Design flyers with contact information on them as well as

a partial copy of a recent blog. The is a good way for the public to read your work, and if they like it, there’s a good possibility you will get work. The more exposure to your writing, the better the odds of gaining work.

Be Patient

Building your business is not easy. Be patient, growing your business takes time. The good news is that if you enjoy writing there are avenues for you to research and be able to market your work. Some of the content mills can be hard to please but just remember their critiquing makes a better writer.

Stay positive

Stay positive because writing will give a personal sense of pride and accomplishment.  It can be very satisfying when you finish an article and the client compliments it. You’ll stand a little taller and walk with a certain swagger.