How to Find Work as a Freelance Writer: Part 2 – Other Marketing Methods

How to find work as a freelance writer

Becoming a freelance writer is a challenge when first starting. The writer needs to be especially picky about every article they write. One of the first places to write is on Facebook. By commenting on the posts on Facebook, the new writer can gain much-needed experience. The first thing that needs to be set up is a Facebook page. It will be good to set up a personal page and a business page to showcase  your writings both personally and business wise. You would also need to set up the following sites:

LinkedIn, Pinterest,  About and Google+.  These sites need to be updated at least 3-4 times a week.

Set up a Blog

One of the most important areas to have when starting out as a freelance writer is the blog.  Having a blog will allow postings as many times as needed. Be sure and advertise the blog on all the social media locations. Invite readers to read your blog and ask for comments.

Meet writers online

Become friends with other writers online. Make contact with the expert freelance writer, There are many writers online and they, for the most part, will help with suggestions. It might be a good idea to give them your blog address so they can read your postings at their leisure.

Find content mills

There are businesses online where you can check out to get work in the beginning. These are content mills. If they pay at all, it will be very low.  These are excellent for learning. You can go onto the site, review and then join. Most of the time, you can check out their articles list and choose a topic that interests you.

How content mills work

You will need to research the subject, write the article, list you research sources and then upload your article.  In a few days, maybe 1-2 days they will email back that the article has been accepted, or they are requesting a rewrite.  Don’t become aggravated, this is helping you to improve your writing. As you submit articles that improve in quality, they will grade you and when you reach a certain level, they will begin to pay you for them.

Check out article document

There are many places online where you can find work. The site mentioned above is  Article Document.

They have several categories depending on the quality of work.  Those levels are: Write Content, Build Your Brand and Get Paid. A new writer starts out at the Write Content level and progressing to the other levels as soon as their writings are judged to be of the higher quality. These are wonderful training tools.