The Freelance Writing Ebook: Earn Income Online in 3 Easy Steps!

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After earning a living as online writers, we were able to compile the simplest, most beginner guide on the market to allow people to learn how to earn income online as a freelance writer.

The all new guide will feature a 3 step process on how to get into the online writing niche – and earn extra cash in the meantime!

Who is the Freelance Writing Book geared towards?

This ebook was written for the beginner freelance writing professional. Many people who are looking to earn extra income fall into one or more of these groups:

  1. Work at home moms (WAHMs)
  2. Online marketers
  3. Affiliate marketers
  4. Business professionals who work from home
  5. Anybody wanting to earn a second income using the internet


What is covered in the Ebook?

The Freelancers Beginner’s Guide will introduce the amateur writer to the 3 step process of how to get paid for writing blogs, articles and online reviews.

The 3 step process is as follows:

  1. Choose your writing job. We will discuss how and where to find writing gigs, even if you’re a complete beginner!
  2. Submit your writing job. How to write you content fast and get paid as you work your way up to high-paying articles.
  3. Get paid! Most of these services we will discuss will pay you right through PayPal, usually within a few days.

What does the new Beginner’s Guide on Freelance Writing cost?

The Beginner’s Guide currently retails for $9 and is available for instant download. You an access the guide on our Writing Online Ebook page.

You can get the book for free if you are a email subscriber to Real Jobs Writing. You can sign up for the guide and suggested training programs right on our homepage at

What if I am a Complete Beginner?

If you are a complete “newbie,” that’s okay! Our guide is written for the beginner and it shows you the free sites that you can visit online in order to get up and running.

Most people do not know where to look, and more importantly, how to write content for blogs, articles, and product reviews.

We will also give you suggested training videos that are available online for a small fee. However, we suggest you get started making a few bucks and reinvest your earnings into the suggested training courses.

What Do I need to Get Started?

If you want to begin your journey to making money online by writing, here’s what you will need:

  1. A computer with Internet Connection
  2. A PayPal account
  3. At least 1-2 hours per day for the first week to commit to learning and earning money
  4. You must be at least 18 years old to participate
  5. You can write at an 8th grade level

If you meet these 5 qualifications, you can go ahead over to the Writing Ebook page and download your guide!

We’re glad you made it!