Where to Find Writing Jobs Online

These times we live in are excellent for the novice writer. Years ago, writers were few compared to today’s thousands that can write on a blog, Facebook, and others places. They do not have to be a journalism graduate or an English major to be able to write with authority.

How to get started

The primary concern for the inexperienced writer is “if I want to create a new career as a writer, how do I get started?”  Facebook should be the first place to begin writing. Writing can be fun and certainly allows for practice. Other Social Media sites to post on will be Google+, Linkedin, About.me, Twitter and others. These sites allow for much-needed practice and should be considered just that – practice.

Develop a Blog

The next area that should be developed will be a Blog.  Blogs are fantastic for having space to write about any topic. Blogs can serve as your “Sunday Pulpit,” where you can “preach” on just about anything you want.  As long as your blog has no bad language and is clean in content it can be published. You can also share your blog with Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites.  All of this will help you build your reputation.

  1. First, set up a domain name. You can get a cheap domain with a .info, .net, or .org at Namecheap. You shouldn’t spend more than a few dollars.
  2. Set up hosting with Host Gator. **If you are not technical  – they have a GREAT support staff – just phone them or use their live chat function and they will help you set up your FREE WordPress Blog with their hosting.

You need hosting with your own domain name. You can also set up a personal email once this is complete. So if you have a domain name like ‘CopywritingWithLisa.net’ you can get an email like Lisa@CopywritingWithLisa.net for example.

**If you need help with setting this up – email me at naterio1109@gmail dot com – I have a program for $97 where I will log into your computer and set this up with you. It’s a 1-on-1 consulting training to show you how to set up your accounts with Host Gator and Namecheap and get you blog initially set up.

Then you just need to start putting up blog posts!

Writer Sites Online that will help

The next step in the writing career is to seek out online companies that pay for articles and training. There are numerous places where there is no charge to join, and you can bid on assignments.  Listed below are several that have been online for awhile and are reputable companies.

These all have good reputations and will work with the new writer.  All these sites are highly visible, which is what the new writer needs. 

Training Book and Weekly Checklists

Writing Jobs Online.com provides a training book and weekly checklists (you can download the Training Guide for Writers here). IWriter.com has thousands of businesses that rely on them for writers who produce quality articles.

Craigslist Nationwide

Craigslist.com has a category in the regular listing for writers and also in the Gig/writer section. These are available in all cities Nationwide, and you can apply to any of them at no charge.

Fiverr for $5.00

Fiverr.com is a site where you can put an ad saying you will write an article for no more than $5.00.  Read some of the ads on Fiverr to get a better idea of what needs to be done.

Thumbtack and bids

Thumbtack.com is a site where you can join at no charge. There are huge numbers of articles to be written and the need for more and more writers. The difference is that you bid for the job. Thumbtack doesn’t take a percentage of the price that is agreed on between client and writer. You purchase bids that cost less than $2.00 per bid and that pays Thumbtack.

Trello is a paying job

Trello.com is a site where you get leads up to 5 articles and have three to four weeks to complete. Trello is a paying job. They pay 30 days after the deadline.

Keep writing!

The important thing to remember here is to practice your craft at every opportunity.  Write on a blog, Facebook, and other social media to keep in practice.  Next using the sites listed above, pursue various writings for pay offers. Never stop studying, reading, researching and writing. Never stop writing.


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