Work at Home Jobs for Seniors, Retirees, and Baby Boomers

Many times seniors are retired, but their social security is not enough to cover their expenses. Seniors get hit with medical expenses and prescription costs that blow their monthly budget. When this happens, there is a need for additional income.

For many, they may be afraid they don’t qualify for anything, based on age or physical condition. They may have worked in a factory, which doesn’t work after retirement. Maybe their eyesight prevents them from doing a driving job. Seniors may not be able to stand for extended periods of time. In considering all of the above, it can be difficult to find work.

Where to look to find Business Opportunities for Seniors

Finding work at home jobs for seniors can happen if you know where to look. Through proper research on the web, you can find your subject and find lots of opportunities. Use keywords in the search bar to find jobs that can work from home.

Listed below are some suggestions that provide work at home jobs for seniors:

  1. Get involved with a proven business system – There are many ‘franchise opportunities‘ out there that are MUCH less expensive than you’d think. Many retirees and baby boomers are currently getting involved with Online marketing programs and leveraging the internet to do business. This is by far the easiest franchise opportunity out there that you can get started for only $100-$2000.
  2. Create a blog – this can be about any topic you choose. Maybe you have a hobby thatyou would consider yourself an expert. Maybe your past career can be the topic of your blog. You might have a medical condition that by writing posts about it, you can help others with the same disease. Check out: WordPress, Blogger, or Blogspot for help on setting up a blog.
  3. Write articles – there are several content companies where you can learn how to write articles and be paid by many of them. Right here at we pay $15-$20 for blog posts, articles, and other writing assignments and jobs. You can get more information by filling out the form up above on the right.  Some other suggestions are Textbroker, Trello, Outsource, Thumbtack and others. These will give much-needed experience and help to build your reputation.
  4. Ebay – Ebay has been in existence since 1995, and it is a very reputable company. If you have items from home or maybe a product you want to promote, Ebay is the place to market products and make an income. Ebay Partner Network, will also allow affiliates to join and promote products on say your blog, and if they buy from your blog or website page, you will make a commission.
  5. is a site where you can offer to write blog posts for the very nominal fee of $5.00. You should offer at least a 300-word article.

There are unlimited opportunities to work from home if you are retired. The short list above is just a tiny bit of the listings that are available for anyone. Take a look and you will find a way to increase your income from the comfort of your home.

Work From Home Opportunities to Stay Away From (in my opinion)

There are lots of great opportunities to make good money out there – as have always said, “There are a million ways to make a million dollars.”

From my experience (yes, this is my opinion), since I have failed miserably at many business opportunities out there, I feel like I have some input and expertise on the subject. So, without further ado here is my short list of opportunities which I have tried… and failed at and more importantly, why they may not work for you:

  1. MLM programs. First off, these are real, proven opportunities. They do work, as long as you believe in the product, and like selling to your family and friends. If you do NOT like selling things to people over the phone or face to face, this is NOT a good business opportunity for you.
  2. Selling Ebooks. I have done this – and still do. But you will not make a lot of money, at least not for awhile. The price point is too low, and with the rising cost of online traffic, the ROI is not worth the investment. The better solution is to use selling ebooks as an entry level product, where you are selling high ticket items (in the thousand dollar and up range).
  3. Selling tangible products. This can be lucrative, but again the learning curve is very high. And many successful people that I work with today have also failed at this because the investment is really high for the training and there is no immediate results.

So what is the solution?

As I mentioned earlier, franchises are a good option, but many are REALLY expensive. Like McDonald’s for instance – they start at about $750k plus or minus, last I heard. Other franchises for tech, clothing, and coffee shops range in the area of $500k upwards to $1M – and let’s face the facts – if you’re still reading this article, you are not in that boat.

Many of you already know that online franchises and business opportunities are the key to the future. Look around – everyone is online and on their mobile devices. So that is where you want to invest. Tech. Tech and marketing to be more specific.

You want to get involved with a proven system that has worked for others in your same demographic. For instance, one mentor of mine is 69 years old and runs an online business that is in the mid to high 6 figures!

I said to myself, “If HE can do it – I sure can too!”

And you can too! Hope this blog post helps!

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